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It’s too hot in summer to wear a mask? Wearing it correctly can prevent the corona virus!

August 6, 2021

It’s too hot in summer to wear a mask? Wearing it correctly can prevent the corona virus!


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Summer is here again

The scorching sun outdoors

Crowded bus and subway

You wearing a hot and humid mask

Can't stand it but want to pick it?

Never do it!

Epidemic prevention and control knocking on the blackboard

In crowded public places,

Wear a mask no matter how hot it is!


Although everyone knows to wear a mask when going out

But after the summer

There is still a big difference from wearing a mask in winter

Many people still wear a mask for a long time

Once sweating

The mask will get soaked soon

According to the new crown virus pneumonia prevention and control plan (eighth edition), when you have symptoms such as fever and cough, when you go to the doctor, when you are crowded, when you take the elevator, when you take public transportation, and when you enter crowded public places, you must wear a mask.




Although the weather is hot and the temperature is high

But the epidemic prevention and control must not be relaxed

Especially by train and airplane

And when it comes to transportation such as subways, buses, etc.

Even if the weather is hot, take personal protection

Wear a mask correctly throughout the entire process


Precautions for wearing a mask in summer

Also pay attention ↓↓↓

①Prepare a few more masks. It is recommended to change the mask every 1 to 2 hours in summer;

② Once the mask is soaked with sweat, it must be replaced, otherwise the new crown virus will not be effectively prevented;

③Wash your hands frequently during the journey, follow the "1 meter noodle" regulations, and do a good job of cleaning and disinfection.


You might be smart, why?

the reason is simple

Because the mask is soaked in sweat

There is no way to effectively prevent the new coronavirus


Tips to relieve the discomfort of wearing a mask

In the hot summer, wearing a mask seemed to be a hindrance to Qingliang. In addition to making the face sultry, wearing a mask may also bring the following troubles:

1. Sweat

Solution: If there is not much facial sweat, you can use a paper towel to wipe it off.

It is important to note that it is best to prepare a few more masks when you go out in summer. It is recommended to change them every 1 to 2 hours, or the masks should be replaced if they are soaked in sweat. Otherwise, the protective effect will be greatly reduced and the new crown virus will not be effectively prevented.

2. Indentation, ear pain

Solution: Mild streaks do not need to be treated, but when the streaks are severe or when the mask is worn for a long time, the blood circulation of the skin needs to be improved in time.

You can apply moisturizer before putting it on, and put cotton or gauze on the place that is easy to be strained to protect the skin.

3. Muffled acne

Solution: If you have a normal daily routine and a light diet, acne will still occur. It is recommended to apply some ointments externally, such as clindamycin or tretinoin ointment, but be sure to master the amount and frequency of application after the doctor's advice.


3 ways to let summer face "breathe free"

In fact, if you wear a mask in summer, you only need to pay attention to the following points, which can prevent the virus and drive away the damp and hot sensation on the face.


Choose thin and light masks

It is recommended that you do not choose N95 and other poorly breathable and heavy masks for daily travel, but wear disposable medical masks or medical surgical masks.


Point-on emollient

For people who need to wear a mask for a long time, it is recommended to apply emollients to the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, ear roots and other parts, which can reduce the friction between the mask and the skin and protect the skin from lubrication.


Make a knot for the mask rope

You can tie a knot on the inside of the lanyards on both sides of the disposable mask, and fold the raised parts on both sides of the mask inward after wearing the mask.


This method not only increases the gap to make breathing easier, but also reduces the stuffiness of the mask, so that you can wear the mask steadily in summer.

Hot in summer

"Wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and a rice noodle"

I still have to follow it all the time.

Choose mask, choose Rainbow mask, alliance brand

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