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Tianhong Medical: Safety is the top priority, the pursuit of high-quality products, and "health" throughout the entire production process

April 14, 2023

A sudden new crown epidemic has posed a severe challenge to my country's medical resources, and it has also raised everyone's awareness of hygiene, and the demand for medical consumables has increased significantly. Tianhong Medical, as an enterprise that has been deeply involved in the field of medical hygiene materials for many years, is concerned about national health and health. In the process of ensuring product quality, every link is thoughtful and thoughtful, only to bring more comfort and safety to consumers. , Healthy product experience, escorting people's life and health.

latest company news about Tianhong Medical: Safety is the top priority, the pursuit of high-quality products, and "health" throughout the entire production process  0

Tianhong products combine "efficiency" and "quality"

For many manufacturing companies, improving product quality lies in "man-made" on the one hand, and "equipment" on the other. Ten years ago, in the production process of degreased gauze, most enterprises in the industry were using traditional equipment to debleach gauze. The manpower, material resources, space, and water consumption were huge. The dyeing temperature was not easy to control, and it was easy to damage the warp and weft of the gauze, resulting in uneven thickness of the gauze. , lower production efficiency. As a result, Tianhong Medical introduced hydrogen peroxide bleaching equipment to accelerate the company's automated production process. After the new equipment went online, the quality and production efficiency of degreasing gauze have been greatly improved. With the continuous enhancement of its own strength, it has reached more than 60 countries and regions such as Russia, the United States, Germany, South Korea, Italy, and Spain, and is favored by new and old customers.


Tianhong Quality Control runs "health" throughout the entire production process


Each of our products fully considers the health of raw materials, the health of the production process, the health of the use process, and the health of the audience, and truly integrates "health" into every link from raw materials to users. In order to ensure that there are no mistakes in every link, we have established a perfect quality management system, and special personnel are responsible for tracking and supervising product raw material procurement, warehousing, ordering, production, quality inspection, delivery, transportation and other links, and do a good job in product supervision. , Product comfort, cleanliness, safety and other inspection and acceptance work to ensure that the products are delivered on schedule and in accordance with the quality; in addition, we have also opened up the after-sales service system and quality management system, and the after-sales department receives any quality-related issues from customers. Report to the quality management department in a timely manner, from product after-sales to production, reversely promote quality improvement and upgrades, and realize a closed-loop product quality assurance.

In the future, Tianhong Medical will continue to adhere to the principle of "safety first, pursuit of high-quality products", keep in mind the mission of "protecting Tianhong's future, caring for life and health", continue to create high-quality medical device consumable products, and be responsible for the career future of all Tianhong people. Contribute to the high-quality development of the equipment industry and the healthy life of the people!

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